For Recording, Mixing & Mastering
at Upaya Sound

Hey, bunker bands!

I’m going to get straight down to business.

I am offering you 20% off my recording, mixing and mastering rates for the whole of 2022.

Mixing Engineer


200€ 160€ / track

zzgl. MwSt


200€ 160€ / track

zzgl. MwSt


85€ 70€ / track

zzgl. MwSt

You bring:

An album or EP full of your finely crafted tracks, all parts rehearsed and ready to go.

Each instrument serviced, tuned and polished.

Voice warmed up and ready to roar.


I give you:

My undivided attention for the full duration of each recording day – not only in setting up and tweaking your instruments, amps and pedals so they translate to tape…

…but also (and most importantly) while you are laying down each track, in order to pick the perfect take and the ultimate performance.

So only the best version of each of your parts make it onto the final record.

Drum recording


I give you:

A fully edited, cleaned up project session consisting of only the best parts and takes.

Any mistakes, timing issues, breathing or sneezing (!) will be uncreated and removed from existence.

Your tracks will be superhuman before they even get to the mixing stage.


I give you:

Three-dimensional, multilayered mixes, with warmth, clarity and punch (or cold, hard and aggressive!).

Delivered with the utmost care given to clear and direct communication and the implementation of your comments and revisions.

Online Mixing Desk Allen & Heath ZED R16


Mastering Music

I give you:

A polished, equalised, stereo track – loud and proud – ready for radio, streaming, CD & vinyl and any other formats you want to release.



An album that is captivating and bold, innovative and atmospheric. A recording that contains the core of your musical vision and can propel your band to the next level. Take it and find a label to help you grow your audience. Cut it to vinyl, go on tour and start killing it on stage.

The offer is limited to 10 bands and is only available until the end of 2022.

Only 7 spots left!

Apply now below.

Check out my work on previous projects below under Releases.

I look forward to hearing you music!


For Recording, Editing & Mixing


Limited spots available.

Only 7 left!


To apply for a 20% discount, fill out your name, band name and email address and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Calculate your discount:



Drum recording

Upaya Sound is a recording studio for independent music productions in an intimate setting. Great acoustics, a professional monitoring system and living room ambience makes it the perfect place for emerging musicians to lay down the tracks for their next album.

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Drum Editing

Good timing is imperative in modern recordings – even the best drummers make mistakes. I will take your raw drum and instrument tracks and make sure only the best takes make it onto the final record. I edit all errors to fit with the groove naturally.

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At Upaya Sound I offer online mixing for artists of any genres loosely related to rock, indie and folk music. I aim to achieve a punchy, clear and transparent sound for your recordings, with warmth and depth, giving each instrument room to breathe.

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Working with Nick was great!
Working with Nick was great! Top equipment, he responded to each of our wishes and to all our ideas and brought his own ideas to improve the sound and the overall production.
We were completely satisfied with the production.
We recorded our EP “Yuma” with Nick in September 2019. In doing so, we presented him with certain challenges, as we wanted to produce the record firstly in our own rehearsal room and secondly live. Here he had to adapt to the probably not 100% optimal local conditions of our room. In addition, he had to compensate for our playing deficiencies through clever editing, which he simply did “on the fly”, so that we were already very satisfied with the raw material. The subsequent mix also absolutely met our expectations. In short: We were completely satisfied with the production. Thanks again for that!
Nick mixed the tracks perfectly…
Nick got the tracks from my band and mixed them perfectly, we are very happy with his friendly, fast and straightforward way of working! Thanks again!


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