Complete Creative Control.

The Art of Recording Music Unveiled

Complete Creative Control Book

Quit dabbling in audio and learn the step-by-step process to get you high-quality, professional-sounding results from your very first recording session.

You don’t need expensive mics, preamps or mixing desks – all you need to do is focus on the right methods.

With the information in this book, you will immediately be empowered to record your own music whenever and wherever you choose.

Kickstart your music career and 10x your creative output with the simple but elusive secrets of music production.

Take Control Of The Trajectory Of Your Music

With 13 chapters dedicated to the right mindset, instrument preparation, recording gear, microphones and mic techniques, you will be transformed into an audio engineer without needing to pay tuition fees or make tea for studio musicians for months on end without pay.

By learning how to record your own music you will be able to spend more time being creative and less money on studio time.

You could even start making a profit with your music instead of endlessly funneling your money into your expensive hobby!

After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Learn the most effective methods for recording to get you high quality results
  • Learn the secret to killer drum recordings (it’s not about the mics!)
  • Learn how to prep your instruments so they sound fantastic BEFORE you hit record
  • Discover which mics will give you the best results for every instrument for every budget
  • Choose the right gear for your budget

Inside COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL, I will share with you the exact process I use every time I record a band – a process that I have honed over 15+ years of recording, mixing and performing music.

Are You Ready To Learn The Secrets Of Music Production?

Your band is super productive. You’re probably recording albums once every 2-3 years.

Every time you do, you fork out 4 figures for someone to record each album. You then pay a mixing engineer another 4-figure-sum to mix it. Then mastering.

Then, once the album is finished you get CDs made, vinyl cut, release it online.

What if you could cut a substantial amount of costs while learning valuable skills, enabling you to produce your own music, quickly and easily every time you have material for a new album?

You might have tried the DIY approach already. But you may have noticed, I haven’t used the phrase DIY yet.

It implies that you’re giving it a shot, making it up as you go, trial and error, rough edges etc.

You don’t have to learn from your mistakes. Using the methods I show you, you can go straight from no experience to maximum results:

Drums that punch through the mix

Deep bass tones forming the foundation of each track

Record Bass Guitar

Crisp and clear guitars, mellow and warm – or harsh and abrasive.

recording guitar

Warm, sparkly piano – pop, jazz or classical.

Vocals that are loud, proud and up front – oozing confidence

If you had the skills and knowledge to record your own music…

You could record that EP you’ve been sitting on for far too long.

You could get it mixed and mastered professionally, because you have suddenly freed up cash that would have paid for studio time.

You could document the whole process, filming every step of the way, releasing behind-the-scenes teasers to your steadily growing fan base.

You could release it, promote it, perform it and turn around AND DO IT ALL AGAIN!

Because once you remove the recording hurdle, there is nothing that can hold you back.

Record, produce, release, perform. Repeat.

You will also learn:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when recording music
  • How to train your ears to hear the nuances of tone, timbre and tuning
  • An audio engineer’s greatest asset (it’s not the gear!)
  • A recording session framework for maximum clarity under stress
  • Why a carefully planned recording session will save you hours of struggle at the mixing stage
  • Braingasm-inducing guitar recording techniques
  • How to setup a vocal recording session that will produce the best performance every time
Complete Creative Control Contents

But recording gear costs so much money!

No it doesn’t. The only people who insist that you need expensive, high end gear are those who have insecurity issues and are trying to compensate with their wallet. And I bet you can call 3 friends right now and have enough gear to record an EP, organised by next weekend!

But I can’t afford high end microphones and preamps!

Did you know you that thousands of musicians are already getting great results with inexpensive mics? They just know that it’s not what you use, but where you put them!

But I’ve tried the DIY approach and my recordings sucked!

Did you have a plan? Did you know what you were doing and why? Did you just throw up the mics in front of the instruments and hope for the best or position them for maximum effect with the best method for your style of music?

But recording is an art form that only professionals have been initiated into!

Yes. Like freemasonry, you have to be part of the club. No! There is nothing you can’t learn if you put your mind to it. And with the framework I will show you, you will learn what to avoid and what to focus on instead.

But real musicians record in real studios!

Here are just a handful of artists that recorded hit records in their home studio or outside a traditional studio setting:

  • Radiohead – OK Computer
  • Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?
  • Cody ChestNuTT – The Headphone Masterpiece
  • Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  • The White Stripes – De Stijl 
  • Beck – Odelay


Do you wish you could record more music, more often?

Are you tired of scrolling through your feed watching others release music on a steady timeline, backed by labels with cash to burn?

Would you like to be able to get your ideas recorded as they come to you, so you can send them to your band and have them on the same page before you meet for rehearsal?


Complete Creative Control Book

Learn to professionally record your own music and never pay for studio time again

Simple, clear, goal-oriented instructions. No filler info for nerds and audio engineers.

A framework for one result – high quality audio tracks.

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