A Comprehensive List of All Recording Studios in Hamburg

On the following page you will find a list of recording studios in Hamburg with their respective services offered.

Andrew Bryan
Drum Recording, Workshops, Coaching

Audioactive Records
Recording Studio, Label, Publisher

Commercials & Music

Audio book, Song and Jingle Recording

Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB, Gospel, World Music

Breed Music
Audio Books, Recording Studio, Publisher

Chameleon Recording Studios Hamburg
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Film Sound, Events

Chaos Compressor Club
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producing

Clouds Hill
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Analogue Gear

Ecopark Studio
Audio Books, Music Production, Voice Recording

Eimsbütteler Tonstudio
Voice and Radio Productions

Electric Avenue Production and Recording
Tobias Levine – Music Production & Recording

Elevate Studios
Music Production, Film Music, Jingles, Voice Over, Audio Books,

Gaga Studio
Studio & Mobile Recording

H.O.M.E – Studios
Music Production, Mixing & Mastering

Recording Studio & PA Hire

Killer Wave Studio
Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Krüger & Krüger Studios

Loft Tonstudios GmbH
Commercials, TV, Film, Audio Books

Luna Studios
Photography, Film, Music

Music Production, Live Recording

MOB recording
Music Production, Film & TV

Mondbasis Hamburg
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video

Nomos Music
Music Production

Nullviernull Tonproduktion & Verlag
Studio, Label, Events

Off Ya Tree Studio
Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Parry Audio
Classical Music, Live Recording, Livestreams

PBF Studio Hamburg
Music Production, Film Music, Sound Design, Commercials

Rekorder Tonstudio
Recording, Mixing, Mastering – Guitar Music

Recording, Graphics, Video

Studio Höll
Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Upaya Sound
Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Von Henko
Film Music, Audio Books, Theatre Audio

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios
Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Recording Studio, Coworking Space


Post Rock / Post Metal / Guitars | Nora Inu – Am Fear Liath Mór
Progressive Rock / Guitars / Wall of Sound | Vandemonian – Excommunication
Progressive / Stoner Rock / Guitars | Kaimar – Ahab
Post Metal / Guitars / Drums | LAZAR – Einkreisung
Drums / Guitars / Rock | Vandemonian – Razumikhin



Drum recording

Upaya Sound is a recording studio for independent music productions in an intimate setting. Great acoustics, a professional monitoring system and living room ambience makes it the perfect place for emerging musicians to lay down the tracks for their next album.

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Drum Editing

Drum Editing

Good timing is imperative in modern recordings and even the best drummers make mistakes. I will take your raw drum and instrument tracks and make sure only the best takes make it onto the final record. I edit all errors to fit with the groove naturally.

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At Upaya Sound I offer online mixing for artists of any genres loosely related to rock, indie and folk music. I aim to achieve a punchy, clear and transparent sound for your recordings, with warmth and depth, giving each instrument room to breathe.

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