March 29, 2022

Recording Instruments

Recording Techniques and Mics for Guitar, Bass and Piano

As a young musician first starting out tying to record instruments in my makeshift home studio, I had no clue what I was doing. I would just throw up a mic somewhere near the guitar, amp or piano I was…

Proberaum Aufnahme mit Lazar

Letztes Wochenende war ich für eine Proberaum Aufnahme nach Lüneburg gefahren. Das ganze Wochenende war ich in einem Raum voller Verstärker und Equipment im Industriegebiet eingesperrt. Ich war dort, um die neueste EP des Hamburger Trios LAZAR aufzunehmen.

A Weekend In The Band Room: Recording Lazar

Last weekend I spent my time locked in a room filled with amps and gear on an industrial estate just outside Lüneburg in northern Germany. I was there to record the latest EP by Hamburg trio LAZAR, a very interesting instrumental post rock band whose music is constantly evolving from sweet, atmospheric guitar melodies to raw, pounding stabs of noise.

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