The Art of Music Production Unveiled


Learn to record your own songs professionally with methods and techniques developed by music producers over 50 years of recording history with my new music production online course.

With the skills taught in this music production online course, nothing will stop you from recording and releasing new music whenever you like. The more music you release, the more you grow your fan base and start playing live in packed venues.

No more exhorbitant studio costs and engineers who don’t “get” your sound – all you need is a laptop, an interface and a few inexpensive mics.

This is the first time I am offering this course and places are limited to

Enroll now to claim your place at a 50% discount of the future price!


Are you satisfied with the amount of music you are releasing right now? Is your music garnering so much attention that you are on top of the world, recording, releasing, performing on an infinite loop? Are people going nuts for your music?

When you think about your music career, how do you feel?
Really pumped? Kinda? Not really?

I’d say 90% of artists today are really struggling to keep up with the rate in which they write music and get their songs, albums, EPs out there before they start to stagnate.

You know, after a couple of months, that new song you were thrilled about kind of loses its shine, and if you’re not careful, it might end up in a dusty drawer, never to see the light of day.

How do we fix this?!

Well, we could go all in and spend a small fortune on recording, mixing and mastering. That seems to be the traditional route.

But how many times are you going to produce an album before you realise you ain’t got no more money for this side hustle?

What if we come at it from another angle? How about YOU take the reigns? How much more music would you record and release if you had the skills to do so?


Most musicians are completely lost when it comes to recording their own music. There’s so much gear, so many techniques, so many unknowns that make music production a daunting task for anyone who hasn’t taken the time to learn from the ground up.

But what if there was a guide you could use that would reveal the step by step process that professional music producers and audio engineers all over the world use to achieve high quality recordings?

What if that guide unveiled methods for recording guitar, bass, piano, drums and vocals, so that you could not only record your instrument but your whole band?

What if it was full of mic techniques, instrument setup and preparation tips, listening exercises and affordable gear recommendations that give you absolute clarity on where to start, how to proceed and where to go once you’re finished recording?

If you followed the process and learnt all the skills, do you think you would still be wallowing in self pity longing for the chance to get your music out there?

Or would you be head down, in the flow, recording and creating music that is busting to get out in front of new fans and listeners?


Well, I have a brand new training course opening up very soon. I want to get you in the position where you can remove the recording obstacles and release the flow of music out into the world.

I want you to take control of your music’s trajectory by acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to record music yourself on demand.

If you’re really serious about your music and want to overcome the massive recording hurdle plaguing the majority of artists today, enroll now and take the first step towards transforming yourself from a hobby musician into an affluent recording artist!

Recording your own songs is the most powerful way to enable you to release music regularly and stay top of mind of your fans in a fast-moving music industry.

Recording Studio Hamburg
As you continue to record and release music, you cannot fail to build an audience.
Vandemonian Grünspan
You cannot fail to improve your songwriting, your performance, your musicianship.
Record Acoustic Guitar

Ask yourself: where would you be in 5, 10 years time if from now on, you released new music every 6 months?

What would it feel like to have released 5 albums, 5 years from now?

IN THIS music production online course, YOU WILL…

Learn the ULTIMATE MIC TECHNIQUES that have been tried, tested and developed by professional audio engineers around the world over 70+ years of recording history – no trial and error, just HIGH QUALITY RESULTS!
Learn the MOST OVERLOOKED step in the recording process – how to prepare your instruments, so they sound rich, full and brilliant BEFORE you even set up any mics.
Learn how a SIMPLE PREPARATION PROCESS will leave you calm and collected with a gameplan in hand during any stressful one-weekend recording session. You will know exactly what you are doing, with what gear and why.
Discover which affordable mics work best for every instrument you can think of. Drums, guitar, bass, piano and vocals. Brass, strings and kazoo. You name it, I’ve got a mic for it!
Find out what gear you ACTUALLY NEED to achieve professional results that won’t break the bank. And which specs you can freely ignore.
Learn how to choose the right environment for recording, tame room acoustics using household items or build your own absorbers using cheap hardware store products.
Train your ears to pick out the nuances of recorded music and learn the unique frequencies of each instrument.

What you’re getting inside my
Complete Create Control
music production online course:

COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL is an 8-Week, step-by-step training course, that walks you through the 8 steps of a professional recording session.

– 24/7 Lifetime Access (including all future updates)
– Step by step training of methods used by professional producers and engineers
– Membership in a growing community of dedicated recording musicians around the world – help others and be helped!
– 8 Live Q&A Zoom Calls for further questions, clarity and troubleshooting

music production online course CONTENT

Week 1 – Training Your Ears

  1. Learn to listen to the mix, not the music
  2. An introduction to the frequency spectrum
  3. Instruments and their main frequencies
  4. The basics of equalisation
  5. Audio Envelopes – Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
  6. Introduction into Compression

Week 2 – Instrument Preparation

  1. Change your darn strings!
  2. Guitar intonation 101
  3. Amps, cable and pedal noise (and what to do about them)
  4. Intro to drum heads
  5. The imperative art of drum tuning
  6. Keys to a killer vocal track

Week 3 – Acoustics

  1. Choosing the right room
  2. Acoustic treatment 101
  3. The No-Budget Vocal Booth
  4. DIY Acoustic Panel Build Guide
Online Mixing Desk Allen & Heath ZED R16

Week 4 – Recording Gear

  1. The hub of your new studio
  2. Interfaces for the high, medium and low budget
  3. The right DAW for your music
  4. Stands and cables That Serve For Life
  5. Headphones, amps and speakers

Week 5 – Planning a Recording Session

  1. Why session planning is imperative
  2. The importance of gear lists
  3. Choosing the right gameplan
  4. mics and methods for Each instrument
  5. Session Time management 101

Week 6 – Microphones!

  1. expensive doesn’t mean perfect
  2. The 5 Mic Quick start kit
  3. Mics for Acoustic Guitar
  4. Mics for Electric Guitar
  5. Mics for Bass Guitar
  6. Mics for Piano
  7. DIs for Keys & Synths
  8. Mics for Drums
  9. Mics for Vocals
  10. Mics for Brass
  11. Mics for Strings

Week 7 – Microphone Techniques

  1. Simple first, complex second
  2. Acoustic guitar mic techniques
  3. Electric guitar mic techniques
  4. Bass guitar mic techniques
  5. Piano mic techniques
  6. The perfect vocal setup
  7. Brass mic techniques
recording guitar

Week 8 – Drum Microphone Techniques

  1. Intro to drum miking
  2. Simple stereo overhead techniques
  3. Miking The Kick
  4. Miking The Snare
  5. Miking Toms
  6. Miking Hihat
  7. Advanced overhead techniques
  8. Room Mics


Don’t I need to learn that?

Whoa there, tiger. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Would you attend a Photoshop course before you got a camera?

Mixing is a very important step in the music production process and one that if done right can completely transform a song, making it bigger, bolder and more dynamic than the recording that preceded it.

But let me tell you, I am speaking from experience when I say you can’t fix it in the mix! It takes 10 times longer to mix a track that has been poorly recorded than a session that was painstakingly prepared, set up and miked.

The better recordings you make, the more the tracks mix themself. You spend more time sculpting the sound and less time correcting it. More time enhancing the elements and nuances and less time playing whack-a-rat with your shitty tracks.

It’s like cooking with fresh, nutritionous ingredients – you just add them to the pot one by one and create a delicious meal. If you try to cook with out-of-date or processed food, you keep having to add stuff to get the flavour right. And you’ll probably end up tipping it into the bin!

So yes, mixing is VERY important, but not as important as getting the sounds right at the source during the recording session.

My COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL program will show you how to do just that!

Unleash your inner producer!

Why you CAN’T AFFORD to rely on others to record your music for you:

Studio time is NOT going to get more affordable any time soon. In fact, if studios continue to close, the ones still open are going to get more and more expensive.

The cost of this program is about equal to a day’s recording session in a professional studio. With the knowledge you will obtain, you will never need to pay for studio time again.

Let’s do some maths. Say you want to record your new 10-song album at the local recording studio. Let’s say you need one day to record each song.

That’s 10 days in the studio at a daily rate of anywhere between $300-$500.

For 10 songs, that comes to a total of $3000 to $5000 for recording alone. That’s not including mixing, mastering and marketing – all of which YOU NEED to get your album finished, polished and out in front of fans.

Project that out 5 years from now and consider the costs of recording 5 albums. That’s $15,000 to $25,000 you are shelling out!

With this course, you will learn everything you need to know about recording music and take the recording studio out of the equation.

You will become a LIFETIME MEMBER, with all updates, new modules and bonuses becoming available for you FOREVER.

I don’t want to promise too much right now, but future modules I am considering adding will include Mixing, Mastering AND Music Marketing. And you’re in this for life!

The methods, processes and techniques in this program will empower you to produce high-quality recordings over and over again for the rest of your life!

“I don’t have enough mics to record my band”

You mean to tell me you play in a band and don’t know anyone with mics, interfaces and gear you could borrow for a weekend? Or you could hire some for a fraction of the purchase price.

This program is designed to get the most out of your gear. Maximum results with minimum equipment.

You see, most beginners think the more mics you have, the better your recording. In fact, it’s the other way round! The more mics you have, the more phase cancellation you get, which produces a muddy tone, a far cry from clarity and punch.

I will show you methods great producers use to record killer drum sounds using only FOUR mics – not just one technique but FIVE!

You will also learn why it is imperative that you start with ONE mic on each instrument first, and why adding more can actually detract from the sound.

“What if I can’t afford the best mics and the pristine, musical preamps that will get me that high-end sound?”

Whoever told you you need a $2000 mic to get a decent sound is lying to you. Thousands of records have been made using affordable mics, interfaces and gear and gone on to climb the charts, win awards, sell to fans around the world.

  • The drums on inter:alia by At The Drive In were recorded with SM57s only. A $100 mic.
  • Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago was recorded with an SM57 and an Laptop.
  • Beck’s Odelay was recorded in a tiny home studio on a Pro Tools rig that took half an hour to render each take.
  • Jack White recorded The White Stripes’ 2nd album De Stijl himself on an 8-track recorder in their living room.
  • Iron & Wine‘s first album and Sufjan Stevens‘ third were self-recorded on 4-track recorders.

Don you think anyone asked these guys which preamps they used to record their albums?

Well, maybe At The Drive In at Clouds Hill, but other than that, NO!

By the way, we kick off the whole recording module with a video that shows which 5 mics you can use to record a whole band for under $800!

But chances are, you’ve already got some.

What if I’m not very technical?

If you know how to used a laptop or phone, you will be able to make your way around a DAW in no time.

If you can operate a computer, you can use Garageband. If you can use Garageband, it’s only a small step up to a fully fledged DAW.

You don’t need to learn 90% of the functions to record music. All you need is to know how to add a new track, arm it and press record, stop and play.

The Complete Creative Control course was designed to make the recording process AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. I will guide you through every step and answer any questions you have on one of our 8 group calls.

Furthermore, in our online community of program members there will be constant support from myself and like-minded musicians on the same journey as you.

What if I don’t have a very good ear for recording?

I don’t believe you. You’re selling yourself short. You are a songwriter, a creative. You don’t just listen to music, you immerse yourself in it. You know exactly what you like and dislike and what sounds you want to hear on your record.

I will teach you what to listen for so you know exactly how to get the sounds you’re after.

It’s all about training your ears to focus on the timbres, frequencies and nuances on your favourite records and recreate them with the techniques I reveal to you.

This is the very first step to mastering audio production and is covered in Week 1!

“I think you need to be an audio engineer to record music professionally”

Everyone started somewhere. Inside Complete Creative Control I will show you the exact framework that audio engineers around the world use to record hit albums every day.

In fact, sometimes I wish I was back in the day when I was starting out with audio. I was so creative and free because I didn’t know all the traditional methods of mixing and so I just tried out things and did what I intuitively wanted to do. I played with panning, huge reverb swells and over-the-top

Combine that beginner’s creativity with the expert skills in this course and you will be set for life to create high quality, unique and innovative music!



You know, you could figure it out by yourself. Watch a couple of YouTube videos, read some blog posts – how hard can it be? In fact, most people who read this WILL take this route.
Only to realise, a year from now, they’ve made practically no process. Instead of high-end recordings, they’re tangled up with a few tips and tricks from one source, a few methods from another – and despite all their efforts, their recordings sound dull, lifeless and crap.

Or, you might ask, “can’t YOU just record my album for me?”

Well, I sure can, (and will, just get in touch here) but as I stated above, one day with me is going to cost you the price of this course. This program puts YOU in the driver’s seat, gives YOU the power to record your own music, with your own gear, in your own space, at your own pace.

And did I mention you get LIFETIME ACCESS including all future updates, added modules AND bonuses?

With these skills you will become a different person! You may even choose to hire yourself out to other musicians and record them for money! Ain’t that a thought…
This is the stuff I wish I’d had 15 years ago. I wish they taught me this at SAE! Instead, I learnt how to use mixing desks I would never be able to afford. We skipped the whole process that actually gets results! I could have saved so much time and frustration!

This is your chance to take a quantum leap in your music career.


OK, ok…

Master the skills and methods of recording audio for just 3 payments of 129€ (or pay in full for 297€ and save 90€!)

Because this is the first time I am offering this music production online course, there may be some teething problems to iron out, a glitch or two…

But once this baby is running, you are in this FOR LIFE!

I will be offering it to ONLY 15 MEMBERS at a 50% discount.
You will receive the FULL VALUE at HALF PRICE.

So ENROLL NOW for 3 payments of ONLY 59€

Pay in full and get the entire music production online course for ONLY 149€





The Art of Music Production Unveiled


8 Training Modules – 1 per week for 8 weeks

Recording Templates and Preparation Sheets

8 Interactive LIVE Clarity Calls

Private Facebook Community

LIFETIME Program Access

All Future Updates


3 Monthly payments of
129€ 59€


The Art of Music Production Unveiled


8 Training Modules – 1 per week for 8 weeks

Recording Templates and Preparation Sheets

8 Interactive LIVE Clarity Calls

Private Facebook Community

LIFETIME Program Access

All Future Updates




If you are not creating high quality recordings by then, you will receive a FULL REFUND.


This program was created to teach you to record your own music using a step by step process that is clear and easy to follow and gives you maximum results. If you follow the methods, record your tracks and find that it’s just not working for you, you will get your money back.

All you have to do is email me at and I will give you a full refund. Just show me you’ve done the work.

Why do I have to show you I’ve done the work?

You won’t make great recordings if you don’t put these methods to work. All I ask is that you go through the program and start creating music with it. I don’t want to waste time with someone who is not serious about taking complete control of their music, buying a course and not putting it to use.




The Art of Music Production Unveiled


8 Training Modules – 1 per week for 8 weeks

Recording Templates and Preparation Sheets

8 Interactive LIVE Clarity Calls

Private Facebook Community

LIFETIME Program Access

All Future Updates


3 Monthly payments of
129€ 59€


The Art of Music Production Unveiled


8 Training Modules – 1 per week for 8 weeks

Recording Templates and Preparation Sheets

8 Interactive LIVE Clarity Calls

Private Facebook Community

LIFETIME Program Access

All Future Updates