Tracking Setting the foundation of a record.

Choosing the right recording studio in Hamburg for recording music can be tough. There are a lot of studios to choose from. Each have their pros and cons, and it is a decision that should not be made lightly. Sometimes it is a gut instinct and sometimes it is a process of gathering as much information as possible

There is nothing more exciting in the music production process than recording music. This is where the magic happens. It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you are at, this is the time you need to perform with the most focus and concentration.

I love putting up mics in front of the drum kit and tweaking the positions until the drums are punching out of the speakers. It can be tricky though, which is why it is necessary to take time and have patience when tracking drums.

Here are some aspects to consider:

The Best Location for Recording Music in Hamburg

Where do I want to record my music in Hamburg? Do I want to be in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city when recording my songs? Or do I need a place away from the daily grind, a place to focus? Do we work best with a quietened mind or a head full of ideas and inspiration?

Do we need restaurants and cafés nearby when recording our music? Or do we prefer to get lunch delivered or even cook ourselves and bond during the album production process?

Hamburg is an exciting hub for music with all the venues, bars and clubs. Finding the right location and choosing between Altona, Sternschanze, St. Pauli or Barmbek is only one aspect of many when looking for the right studio for recording music in Hamburg.

Whether you choose the inner city location or a farmhouse in the countryside, always take the time to consider: what will put me in the right state of mind to create the music I want to release to the world?

The Right Studio Atmosphere

The question that follows is the atmosphere of the music studio. The recording space and it’s ambience can play a big role in the creativity of an artist and the level of focus their can achieve when producing an album.

Is the space a clean and sparkling studio with high-end gear? Do I need to take extra care when moving in this space? Am I inhibited by the expectations of the owners regarding cleanliness? Can I relax in these rooms?

Is the lighting producing a positive vibe? Can I feel at home and at ease here or am I worried about making mistakes and screwing up my parts?


Whether or not to list the audio equipment as one of the features of a particular recording studio is a big debate amongst audio engineers in the industry.

On the one hand, a music studio full of gear does suggest the engineer has a lot of experience if able to afford to buy, use and maintain the equipment on hand. On the other hand, buying a guitar for 3000 Euros doesn’t mean you can play it like Jimi Hendrix.

Also, choosing a recording studio after drooling over the pictures of equipment worth tens of thousands does not ensure you will be looked after by the right engineer.

And the list of compressors, equalisers and mixing desks tells you nothing about the personality of the producer using it. The best engineer in the world can’t help you make music if you don’t relate on a personal level.

Recording Engineer

It is imperative that you find the right recording engineer for the job. You must resonate on the same level and have the same goals in mind. Your musical vision must become their musical vision and they must know and understand the music that you create and the music you are inspired by. Only then can you be sure you are on the same path together, working towards the same end result: a record that you are proud of and want to take out into and share with the world.

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