What is Upaya?

Upaya is a Buddhist concept that involves navigating life through the good times and the bad, the ups and downs, the upheavals and unexpected turns, with a sense of reflection and observation, paying attention to what is happening and reflecting on why. By observing the ebb and flow, the inhale and exhale of events, it is much easier to guide oneself – or be guided by intuition – on a path of realising wholeness of self.

“To put it simply, upaya is starting from where you are and working with what you have in order to start creating. Upaya can involve unconventional methods that do not find mention in Buddhist doctrines, the only rule being that the action must involve compassion and wisdom. It is also essential that the action is the need of the moment.” – Yogapedia.com

But what does Upaya have to do with music recording?

My journey has led me to the conclusion that there is a path for each of us to achieve greatness in the field of our choice. The path is there for us, it may be overgrown and need some care, but it is there and waiting. We must put on our boots and take the first steps. Because there is no other way, and trudging through the jungle with a machete will not work!

This is the approach I take when creating music, be it composing, recording, mixing or producing. Let go and let it flow!


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