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Upaya Sessions

Live Recording Application Form

  • One-day recording session at Upaya Sound
  • 1 track recorded, mixed, mastered and filmed
  • “Livestream” showcase on YouTube
  • Further tracks available on request

Fill out the form below to apply for the Upaya Sessions live recording format.

The Upaya Sessions will be recorded live (audio & video), mixed, mastered and streamed “live” on YouTube.

Successful applicants will spend 1 day at Upaya Sound recording up to 4 tracks live (no overdubs) – one of which will be filmed to be featured as an Upaya Session on my YouTube channel. You will receive the final video to upload to your own channels.

Instead of charging my full rate or working for free, I will accept a donation from your group – whatever you can afford and whatever seems fair to you.
I want to give emerging bands a chance to showcase their music while building my portfolio and online presence through audiovisual marketing.

I will mix and master 1 song and edit and produce a video of the session. Exports, mixes and masters of the other songs we record may be purchased for a fair price afterwards.

I will select a new band each month to be showcased based on the quality of music, my tastes and suitability. Only one application is necessary. I will be in touch as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing your music!



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