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Record Guitar Amps Naturally With This “Secret” Method

When you record guitar amps, the harsh tones can be tough to handle. When I first started out recording, I spent a lot of time trying to get my electric guitar sounding clear and natural, without being too brittle. With a lot of trial and error and by choosing the right microphones for the job, I found several ways to record guitar amps while getting a balanced tone – clean or distorted.

click track

Record To A Click Track – Why You Should and Why You Shouldn’t

Probably the most controversial topic among musicians, the decision to record to a click track or not can cause deep rifts in a band and endless discussions. There are many pros and cons, and each band member will have his or her preference and perspective on the right way to ensure both timing and performance of a recording are up to scratch.

album recording

Album Recording Preparation Tips

It’s done. You’ve been whittling away at those tracks for months and months, slotting in those parts, getting that transition working between the bridge and the final chorus – and it all fits. A slick six-song EP. Or a 24 track double album? An eight track tour-de-force in under 20 minutes?

A Weekend In The Band Room: Recording Lazar

Last weekend I spent my time locked in a room filled with amps and gear on an industrial estate just outside Lüneburg in northern Germany. I was there to record the latest EP by Hamburg trio LAZAR, a very interesting instrumental post rock band whose music is constantly evolving from sweet, atmospheric guitar melodies to raw, pounding stabs of noise.

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